DOX-17 (Yin Qiao San) 84 Pian

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    銀翹散 (Yin Qiao San)

    Lonicerae Fl. & Forsythiae Fl. D

    Integrally cooked variant - all dried ingredients were cooked together before being processed into granules and later into pressed pellets. This creates interesting hybrid effects.

    84 Tabletten, 42g netto

    Empfohlene tägliche Dosis 3x 2-4 Tabletten

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    Name Pin Yin % 6Tab / 3g
    Lonicerae, Flos Jin Yin Hua 17,24 517,2
    Forsythiae, Fructus Lian Qiao 17,24 517,2
    Menthae, Herba Bo He Ye 10,34 310,2
    Platycodi, Radix Jie Geng 10,34 310,2
    Arctii, Fructus Niu Bang Zi 10,34 310,2
    Sojae Praeparatum, Semen Dan Dou Chi 8,62 258,6
    Glycyrrhizae, Radix Gan Cao 8,62 258,6
    Bambusae Folium /Lophateri, Herba Dan Zhu Ye 6,9 207
    Schizonepetae, Herba Jing Jie 6,9 207

    Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
    Keep out of the reach of small children. Store away from light and at room temperature.
    Food supplements are not intended to replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
    Pregnant and breastfeeding women: seek the advice of your doctor or alternative practitioner beforehand.