W10 - Dry relaxed upper abdomen 100g CP

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    Mixture according to Dr. med. Georg Weidinger from his book "Die Chinesische Hausapotheke" (published by Goldmann Verlag). Formula modified by Dr. Weidinger, with the same efficiency Book page 455 - http://www.georgweidinger.com 


    Pin YinName%6Tab / 3g
    CANG ZHURhizoma Atractylodis31,00%0,93
    HOU POCortex Magnoliae Officinalis24,00%0,72
    CHEN PIPericarpium Citri Reticulatae18,00%0,54
    FO SHOUCitrus Sacrodactylus15,00%0,45
    DA ZAOFructus Zizyphi Jujubae6,00%0,18
    ZHI GAN CAORadix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis6,00%0,18

     Modifiziertes Ping Wei San

    100g CP


    2 x tgl. 1-2g

    Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
    Keep out of the reach of small children. Store away from light and at room temperature.
    Food supplements are not intended to replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
    Pregnant and breastfeeding women: seek the advice of your doctor or alternative practitioner beforehand.