Jade-Roller Gua Sha

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21.19 €

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    High-quality jade roller with 2 castors.

    Length approx. 14.5 cm

    Rolls 4 cm and 2.5 cm long


    • Jade-Roller


      * high-quality, stable jade roller

      * light massage of the acupressure points and reflex zones on the face

      * Provides circulation of qi/energy, blood and lymphatic fluid.

      * Provides natural glow

      * Daily application can ensure a young face

      * good in combination of a cloth face mask. While the cloth mask delivers its active ingredients to the skin, the process can be supported with the jade roller, in which is rolled over the cloth mask.


      By the way: You can use the Jade Roller to massage your entire body.

      Example: neck area, tension of the leg muscles, massage of the abdomen and thighs.

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